Shifter bears and sexy bosses: nearly done writing book # 2

I’m almost done writing what should be book # 2 in the Stranger Creatures series. I’m writing each book to be read as a standalone with no major cliffhangers. The one I’m working on now will probably be novella length and will feature a tall, brawny bear shifter who’s got it bad for a smart sexy woman. The problem? Shayla’s his boss. When she starts to return his heated looks, Grant decides it might be time to take things out of the professional zone.  Will it be worth the risk?

Coffee With Characters with Derrick Porter from Wolf’s Challenge

Derrick from my novel Wolf’s Challenge gets a character interview with Ember Rain Winters!

Ember-Raine Winters

Thank you so much for joining us today! Please introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what you do! Are you the main character in the story or a supporting role? What do you do for a living? How old are you?
1.Tell us about your story. What is it about and what role do you play?
Hey all. My name is Derrick Porter. I’m a business lawyer, recovering workaholic, and most importantly, a shifter wolf. I live in Great Oaks, Virginia. My story began when I fell for a fiery, red-headed artist named Sydney who wanted to keep me in the friend zone. She didn’t know I was a wolf shifter, didn’t really know me at all, but she was convinced I was a player. My main goal in Christina Lynn Lambert’s debut novel Wolf’s Challenge was to convince Sydney she would be the only woman for…

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Sydney from Wolf’s Challenge gets a character interview! Follow the link below to learn more about Sydney!

Sydney (the heroine and love interest of sexy wolf shifter Derrick in my debut novel, Wolf’s Challenge) did a character interview with A.S. McGowan. Learn more about Sydney and see my answers to a game of “would you rather”. Thanks to McGowan for the taking the time to interview us! Here’s the link:

Derrick looks like trouble. Can Sydney stay away? #Wolf’sChallenge

Gorgeous Derrick looks like trouble. Single mom Sydney doesn’t have time for trouble. Her plan-ignore Derrick. Derrick’s plan-make it impossible for Sydney to ignore him. Here’s a little taste from Wolf’s Challenge:

Sydney sat in the conference room at Brass Cat Advertising, sipping her coffee and wishing the caramel latte could take her to an alternate reality. One where Derrick Porter wasn’t sitting in front of her. His presence had caught her off guard. Sydney took another sip of her coffee as she tried not to stare stupidly, but holy chocolate-covered cherries, the man was hot.

Dark hair and eyebrows made a striking contrast against his strong bone structure and fair skin. His lips, good grief. They looked so soft. Derrick’s long, lean body fit nicely in a suit. The material stretched over his broad shoulders and came in at the waist. He probably had amazing six-pack abs.

When they’d met that Saturday in running group, it hadn’t merely been the fog coupled with Sydney’s exhaustion and two-year streak of celibacy that had made Derrick appear so handsome. Even under the bright lights of the conference room, he was gorgeous. What rotten luck that she couldn’t seem to get away from him.

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