The Villain Falters

Watching and listening to how people treat one another gives me plenty of inspiration for creating villains. Not all villains have to be acting out due to suffering deep psychological trauma (although that kind of villain is fun to write too!). Some villains are just assholes. Because some people are just assholes. A trip out to basically anywhere in public often leaves me wondering what in the hell is wrong with people. There isn’t enough time in the world to answer the question and there aren’t enough words to describe the problem. In fact, the available pool of words is shrinking, because people are trademarking them away, stealing from people more original, trying to keep what belongs to everybody.

In Bear’s Edge, I created a determined reporter character who grew so obsessed with finding answers and getting interviews, she no longer cared how much of a pest she became or how much pain she caused. Spend a few years working any job and you’ll find someone like her. Sometimes people can be so focused on their own goals, on themselves, on how to get what they want, that they cross the threshold from jerk into monsterbitch villain who bulldozes a path to their dreams while leaving behind a trail of blood and broken bones, literally or figuratively. These kinds of people, villains if you’re painting a caricature of the ugliness you witness, aren’t necessarily psychotic future felons. They just want what they want and they tell themselves “screw the consequences others may face” because they no longer care that much. Or maybe they just can’t help themselves.

I would love to say the villains of stories and movies are just made of nightmares and pure fantasy, but where do nightmares come from? Where does fantasy begin? Real life provides no end of examples of villains. Some villains are easy to hate. For some, the turning point is not so far away. All is not yet lost for them. Some just make me sad because they are bottomless. They want more money, more fame, more of something, and they don’t realize that everything can’t be had. How much does a person really need and what is it worth if we’re sitting on top of a world forged on the backs of others, surveying our empire alone like Yertle the Turtle?

People don’t need to take a baseball bat to a window to be destructive. There are so many other ways to ruin things. Passive aggressive villains get all the fun of causing misery with none of the blood. They play the victim and smile at the mess they created. Then there is the kind of villain who would bully others into quiet by stealing their words and forcing them into submission, by any means necessary. These kind of people don’t usually set houses on fire or slaughter their coworkers, instead they create havoc in the fabric of their victims’ lives. They look for the strands that are the easiest to unravel. They screw over the kind of people they think can’t fight back. This type of villain’s brand of destructiveness can be terrifying, and oh so fun to read!

Sometimes I wonder, how can I create a story where good triumphs when I see and hear so much negativity happening? Don’t the bad guys always win in real life? Don’t the jerks get ahead while decent people starve on principle? Well, not always. It’s just that sometimes I forget that though people can sometimes be horrible to each other, people are also capable of incredible acts of kindness and strength. When people stand up together and fight back, whether fist to fist or lawyer to lawyer, the villain falters. Hope isn’t lost for humanity, it’s just that the villains fight so hard for that spotlight. They want us all to forget that we can fight back, that we can do better and be better. Remembering this, I’m headed forward to make the villain falter. Each word on my page makes the heroine stronger just as e111_0410ach person standing next to me makes me stronger.

The End of the Beginning

My publisher, Loose Id, is closing this month! Sad news, but not the end of the world (though it doesn’t make my life easier either). Since I’m new to writing, the closing of my publisher means the only two books I’ve written so far (Wolf’s Challenge and Bear’s Edge) will be unavailable for a short while. These are the first two books in the Stranger Creatures series and I learned a helluva lot about writing while working on these books, thanks to the help of my awesome editors and all the books I checked out of the library on writing fiction. For me, writing is like sharing a bit of my soul on paper then rearranging it, adding metaphors and challenges, and throwing in a serving of grief and tragedy for which I don’t envy my characters for having to endure such hell.

It’s kind of heartbreaking to know my work will soon be gone from booksellers’ sites, but I’m working on getting both books re-released with another publisher. Book 3 in the series will feature Sean Whitman and detective Nikki Jackson’s search for a happily ever after. Plus, I’m working on a new suspenseful romance series about some sexy firefighters with side jobs even more dangerous than fighting fires.

Truth be told, it’s still weird to think of myself as a writer. I grew up reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, chick lit, anything and everything, but I studied psychology and business in college. After graduation, I promptly chose logical careers where the money was guaranteed. I created stories and poems in my head all the time, just for fun. Sometimes I had no choice. Still, I never intended to actually do anything with those thoughts until one idea caught hold of me and wouldn’t let go. I was supposed to be studying for a certification to take my little personal training business to the next level but I started writing a story instead. Weirder still, it became a love story.

Romance novels were never my thing. Why? Because I had in my mind that romance novels were basically all the same narrative as the ones from the 70s and 80s that my mother and grandmother had lying around- the kind of story where the heroine is too stupid to take care of herself but just feisty enough to be cute while the rakish hero rescues her and laughs adoringly at the heroine’s bratty antics. How could I write a love story if I had to make the heroine a dipshit? Could I do something different?

Suffice it to say, after reading a few books by Shelley Laurentson, Nalini Singh, and Shannon McKenna, I learned things have changed for the better in romance novel land! Because women have changed over the last several decades. Our expectations have changed. Society in general has changed. Women can have careers and not just as lower level employees. We can take an active role in the bedroom too. After a little research, I knew for certain I wanted to be a part of a genre that represented strong female characters asking for what they wanted and being a key part of a relationship with their significant other, not just an afterthought or an inconvenience.

Love is scary. Love can be brutal. Giving someone a chance to hold your proverbial heart in their hands is a risk that can’t be managed by a logical list or a statistical analysis tool. Sometimes those cost/benefit analyses tell you to walk away from love or from a chance at something you’ve always dreamed of. But the factor that makes no sense, that something else, that something more that couldn’t be explained away with a list and a calculator is what told me to keep writing, to pursue a career that promised a steady helping of rejection and aggravation.

As I worked on telling Sydney and Derrick’s story in Wolf’s Challenge, I thought about how people, after suffering a tragedy or heartbreak that shook themIMG_2311, often struggle to once again believe in themselves as well as other people. I wanted to write imperfect characters struggling with their pasts, their fears, and their insecurities, because I wanted to show that even though these characters weren’t perfect, they came to the table with the intention of loving someone and treating them right. Not only has my perception of romance novels changed, but my understanding of love and its importance in our lives has changed. Love is not an afterthought. My willingness to take a risk and try a new career that I love has led to my first two books being published. The end of one path is the beginning of another.

The Invisibility Factor

flowerWhen I turn on the television, click on social media, open up any entertainment magazine or really any magazine targeted to women, I find an obnoxious message everywhere. Even when it’s not obvious, the message is saturated into most pages, commercials, scripts. The freaking message is everywhere- invisibility is coming. It’s chasing you down and you have to be faster, smarter, and luckier than the dreaded curse of a less than perfect appearance.

Advertising campaigns designed to strike fear into women’s hearts have become the norm. The products- face creams, injections, cellulite creams, superbras, super butt enhancing pads, pills to make butts smaller, spandex to hold it all in, and so much more all beg for our hard earned money. My current least favorite ad is for an anti wrinkle cream that depicts a middle aged woman walking through her daily routine seemingly invisible to the people around her. But magically, after she uses the anti wrinkle cream, somehow, people are able to detect her presence. She’s shown laughing and smiling and having a great time since the world is no longer oblivious to her previously aged appearance.

Companies are banking that clients will pay a ridiculous amount of money to not become invisible, unimportant, and unnecessary. They want each and every woman that sees their product to wonder “what if I’m the last to be noticed?” They want women to wonder what happens when they are too old to be a mainstream television show character, too old to be a typical romance novel heroine but still too young to be the wise old woman depicted in a rocking chair that gets a decent monologue somewhere in the script (unless the old woman is being portrayed as stupid or senile- and don’t even get me started on how messed up that kind of stereotype is!). These advertisers want women to fear becoming irrelevant.

Product advertisers going the fear campaign route would have women believe we are in critical danger of fading to invisibility or irrelevance if we’re less than whatever version of young, shiny, and perfect is trendy these days. They’d have us believe we need their products to breathe life back into our brittle aging bones, or to slim us down or increase our bra size. Maybe this goes without saying, maybe sometimes we forget or wonder, and definitely the sh*tty advertisers need to hear this truth- A woman of any age can command an audience to listen without the aid of obligatory cleavage showing through a super sexy button down shirt. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained through years of learning, of hard won successes, failures, crushing blows, and moments of absolute joy has added steel to my spine and substance to my ideas. That has to be enough.

I like clothes and fashion. I get the grey streaks colored out of my hair. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your personal best but I refuse to shrink back into myself, apologizing because I’m not “new car” perfect and that I don’t shine with the innocent naivety that strokes egos. But maybe I have become invisible in a different way. A better way. I’ve learned to listen because I don’t need to prove myself at every turn or be seen looking cute to be valid. I can walk through a crowd without turning coyly to see whose eyes are following me. Who’s drooling over me doesn’t matter. Who’s listening to my plans, my ideas, does. I will go on about my life, unapologetic for my refusal to throw on a ton of makeup and increase my less than generous sized breasts.

I don’t need to beg to be seen as relevant. I’m already relevant and I don’t need to be airbrushed to a smooth shine to have a substantial thought. I don’t need to be a specific size to be desirable. Experience is desirable, for those smart enough and secure enough to seek it out. I’ll smile when I’m underestimated because it gives me leverage, and I won’t apologize for not being an airbrushed model of moldability and perfection.

We need to make it clear to advertisers that our fear is not a commodity. We could chase perfection forever but why? Why not stand together and support each other instead? We could fight nature and time and go down kicking and screaming or we could live in the moment and keep our heads up as we go on about our days as beautiful, wonderful, complex, kind, and visible women.

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Here’s a little taste:

Derrick hugged her tight and lifted her off the ground. The man swung her around as if her weight amounted to the fluff of a stuffed animal. When her feet touched the earth again, she looked into his eyes. Before she had a word to say, like a diffusing comment about the weather or where they should eat, he was kissing her.

Soft, full lips Sydney had repeatedly imagined touching hers were actually claiming her mouth. His salty, sweet kiss turned from gentle to demanding in seconds. She melted into his arms and gave up the fight until the reality-driven monster that comprised her sensibilities, or maybe just her fears, woke up and put on the brakes.

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After bear shifter Grant lost his girlfriend and three best friends in a fire, he did his best to shut himself off from everyone around him. Falling for Shayla wasn’t part of his plan, but after a kiss that leaves them both speechless and hungry for more, Grant can’t keep his desire for his boss under wraps any longer.

Here’s a little taste:

Grant wanted more from Shayla than he should right then, and he needed to want less, or at least not so much at once. He needed to pull back from the edge and get himself under control, but he couldn’t do that with her touching him. He had the perfect distraction for her. He ripped her lacy panties off because they were in his way.

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Rhythmless Dance

Music, for many of us, is more than a catchy beat, more than a song to fill the silence. Music can be solace and armor on life’s journey because the experience is so unlike a choreographed gymnastics performance that’s been perfectly timed to a marketable song.

Rarely in life do we execute a flawless performance, one so beautiful and mesmerizing that each movement is done to scorable perfection. With every challenge- we jump, we move, we fall, we stand up, we resist, we fall, we rise, we refuse, we bend, we choke, we break, and we jump again- into a rhythmless dance with no soundtrack following us except the ones we create in our minds.

With the unrevealed company of our favorite drumbeats- we bruise, we bleed, we lose, we gain, we steal, and we learn. Makeup and gel wash away. Ugly cries don’t get an audience moved to tears on our behalf. And grief has hands made of saw blades that tear and cut until we are bound in stillness and fear.

Music moves us on. The twists and turns on the path to escape leave us shaken. Our hair and clothes and smiles come out of the darkness different, changed, but the slow steady beat of our soundtrack of faith or courage or hope carried us through.

Just around the corner, a new rhythm takes us by surprise. Our path never follows the beat to perfection and so we learn again. And we dance because we turned the music on loud, to cover our crying or to celebrate our joys when words fail us. And again, somewhere along the line- we fall, we rise, we resist, and we survive.

by Christina Lynn Lambert


Below are some of my most recent favorite songs. I’ve been listening as I write, wash dishes, ride my exercise bike (because it’s too cold to go outside except to walk the dog), and cook, and procrastinate by watching an episode of Murder She Wrote when I’m supposed to be knee deep in figuring out what my characters will do in their next scene.

Fool For Love by Lord Huron. The song tells a story and the music reminds me of Jimmy Buffett but with a haunting walk through the woods kind of twisted sound.

Sailing by The Strumbellas.

and from the Your Name anime soundtrack: Nandemonaiya and also Sparkle by RADWIMPS

Ball and Chain by Social Distortion. This song actually reminds me so much of the hero  I’m writing for Stranger Creatures book 3 and some of the struggles he’s fighting to overcome, I decided to reference the song in my story.

Sometimes music speaks to me and inspires me, sometimes I just like the sound of something on in the background. Either way, it keeps me company on my journey. Sometimes that journey is just to the grocery store and the music is turned up ridiculously loud and the songs are completely uncool by modern standards. That’s alright though, because nobody can hear me sing with my car windows up.


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A little taste of Bear’s Edge

A simmering tale of a bear shifter who fell for his beautiful boss. Read on for a little taste of Grant’s struggle:

The fantasies about Shayla needed to stop. He couldn’t be rough with a woman he towered over by a foot. Also, he couldn’t date his boss. Grant was grateful for that technicality, because if Shayla wasn’t his boss, he’d be wanting something from her that he shouldn’t. And he didn’t need that kind of complication in his life.

Copyright © Christina Lynn Lambert


After sexy bear shifter Grant lost his girlfriend and three best friends in a fire, he decided he was done with love, done with people, done with pretty much everything. One woman has him rethinking his whole strategy. Will Grant walk away or risk his job and his barely healed heart to convince Shayla to take a chance on him?

Bear’s Edge (Stranger Creatures 2) is a standalone story with no cliffhangers and lots of steamy moments!

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