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Spicy excerpt from Wolf’s Challenge to heat things up

To spice things up for the day, here’s a hot, steamy (inappropriate and R rated) short excerpt of Wolf’s Challenge. Enjoy;)
CAREFUL. TAKE A step back. Warning lights lit up in Sydney’s head. She shouldn’t have teased him. Derrick looked ready to pounce on her. He had a really nice body, and so she’d sneaked a few more glances of him shirtless, enjoying the sight of his smooth chest and broad shoulders, and then she had looked down… Sydney’s interest did not seem to be one-sided. His running shorts barely hid the problem. How could they? From what she saw, the man looked like he was swinging a pretty big hammer. She was stealing glances because, wow, and he had looked right at her at one point. Like his hard-on was her fault, though he had never said a word about it. Seeing Derrick half naked and hard drove Sydney a little crazy. She tried so hard not to keep looking. She really did.
A for effort?
Copyright © Christina Lynn Lambert

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Snow Shovel Versus Angry Man on My Porch = I Win. Stay Safe Friends!

After having to use a snow shovel to chase a crazy man off my porch, away from my kids, and off my property, I wanted to take a minute to urge my friends and followers to think about taking self defense classes and (if you feel comfortable with the idea) weapons training classes. Stay safe. Remember, anything can be a weapon when you need it to be!

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