NEW RELEASE – For Those Who Come After – a Moms Who Write anthology #anthology #poetry #essays #women #moms #books

I’m so excited to be a part of the Moms Who Write anthology entitled The Future of Us: For Those Who Come Next. I have a collection of three poems (Every Day of Defiance) and an essay (Love, Just Because) that will be a part of the book.

About the anthology:

When we become mothers, we are altered forever. When we speak into the life of a child, we never know how deep our words will cut. How much they can heal. Will the things we say be part of their inner dialogue for the rest of their life? It could be.

So, writing to our children—the next generation to inhabit this beautiful disaster of a world that we live in—almost seems overwhelming. What could we possibly say?

We can tell them they are brave. We can try to help them learn from our mistakes. We can encourage and guide and warn them. We can educate and influence them.

We can try to make their world better.