Moving to the Sky #haiku #poetry #nature #women

Moving to the Sky

When the clouds go gray

and change their shape, nobody

tells them they should hide

Advertisers selling specialized wrinkle creams definitely have a message about aging. They want us to fear it. They use words and images designed to make women feel we should hide ourselves from view unless we’re willing to spend a ton of money on products that give hope for unnecessary results. Those messages are bullshit.

We are all meant to grow and change. We are meant to share our knowledge and experience with those around us. We are meant to speak up and be heard and be comfortable in our skin because no matter what those glossy magazine spreads or greedy corporations and politicians want us to believe, women are phenomenal and valuable, regardless of whether we meet the current manufactured beauty standard.

The older we get, the louder we should shout our message because every trip we make around the sun is another year of insight.