Over the Water #haiku #poems #poetry #shortpoems

Over the Water

When I turned the page

smoke rose over the water

and carried me home

Last month, I got the dreaded co vid which I originally thought was just the flu, and have been feeling pretty rough. My mind is kind of foggy and thinking hurts a bit so I haven’t done any fiction writing but I have been able to write a few poems. Poetry is easier on my brain right now because I can think on the image or feeling I want to describe for a few minutes and come back to it later.

The weather has been not so horrible during the later part of winter and I had planned to start running again. I hate treadmills and refuse to run on one. I don’t really know why. The treadmill just feels like my feet are pounding on jelly and I’m in a hamster wheel but running outside in the fresh air amongst the trees, past the lake, on the pavement, is so much better. This past month, I haven’t run at all. I barely have energy to take the dog for a walk.

Life definitely throws wrenches into our plans. Really, feeling a bit terrible is not the worst thing on earth. Thinking of all the things I could be doing instead of being stuck on the sofa too tired to do anything but too uncomfortable to sleep felt like the biggest waste of time. But why does every moment have to be productive?

Maybe my brain, though it feels foggy right now, is resting and quietly processing some thoughts and ideas that will be ready for me soon, when I’m feeling back to good. Either way, my pets have enjoyed the past month of my stillness. Yuki, my giant Great Pyrenees, has rarely left my side and my two cats, Gerald and Lu, have taken turns sitting on my lap. Hopefully, I will be running in the sunshine in another week or two, but for now, I will sit with the pets and write some more poetry, and also watch Lord of the Rings again and eat ice cream.

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