New release: Coming Home (Caveman Creek book 2) by Pia Manning #NewRelease #Menage #RomanticSuspense #EroticRomance

Coming Home – book 2 in the Caveman Creek series by Pia Manning is now available!


Bounced around from place to place as a child, Sherry Evans is seeking a town to call home. She also needs an affordable place to realize her dream of opening a daycare center. What Sherry is not seeking is a romance. But Matt Bauer, Chris Carter and Eric Simmons have other ideas. The men, building contractors, own and operate MCE Construction in Pinecone Creek, Wisconsin. When they meet Sherry, they know she’s the woman they’ve been waiting for. They are more than willing to renovate a building for her daycare – as long as it’s in Pinecone Creek. The men agree that they want a lasting relationship with Sherry and plan a campaign to convince her that they are the only guys for her. But an old girlfriend has other ideas. She wants her men back and Sherry gone. How far will she go to destroy Sherry’s dreams? Can Matt, Chris and Eric convince Sherry to love three men?

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Below, author Pia Manning has a fun character interview for Sherry Evans of Coming Home:

Character Interview for Caveman Creek 2

I got to wondering how well I really know Sherry Evans-our heroine in Coming Home: Caveman Creek Bk2. I’m the author and all, so I should know everything about her. Right? So, I decided to play a game with Sherry, kind of a little test to see how well I do know her. I picked eight questions and recorded both our responses. I’ll let you be the judge of how well I know Sherry.

  1. What was your favorite subject in school?

Pia says: English                                              Sherry answers: Home Economics

  • What scares you the most?

Pia says: Having to close your daycare.      Sherry answers: Spiders-especially in the shower

  • What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?

Pia says:  Hanging out with your men.        Sherry answers: Hanging out at home and cooking.

  • Do you like cats better, or dogs?

Pia says: Cats-you did rescue a cat…            Sherry answers: I have a cat, but I like both. Dogs give

                                                                                  you so much love, but then again, so do cats!             

               5.          Name three foods you would never eat.

Pia says: broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach    Sherry answers: What? They’re so good for you!  

                                                                                Okay, snails, raw oysters and mushrooms. 

        6.        What’s your favorite vehicle?

Pia says: A pickup truck.                                    Sherry answers: Anything that gets me through the                                                                           the snow!       

        7.        What’s your strongest character trait?

Pia says: Your determination to succeed.        Sherry answers:  My patience. Especially with kids

        8.         If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why?

Pia says: Somewhere tropical-it’s really cold    Sherry answers: I’d like to see an ocean or desert.

in NW Wisconsin in the winter.               I’ve never seen either of them tho Lake Superior 

                                                                      comes close to an ocean.

     Hmmmm, I guess I don’t know Sherry as well as I thought. Character takeover happens to a lot of us. Our characters develop a life of their own and just run away with the story!

About the author:

Pia Manning is the erotic romance author behind the new Caveman Creek series. Also by Pia Manning: Star Brides a three book series.  She is married to a wonderful man. Loves to crochet, play Clash of Clans. Not a morning person.

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