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The Tone of Advocacy

Fragile egos

don’t like the tone

of advocacy

Change comes slowly

when nobody wants to listen

Empathy fades

when it’s not required

pushed into the shade

buried under leaves

but the truth doesn’t decay

Voices rise

still, change comes slowly

when nobody wants to listen

Gatekeepers deny services

with shouts about the fabricated scarcity of

money and time

From positions of privilege

they proclaim equity is not a necessity

because their fragile egos don’t like the tone

of advocacy

They can’t be bothered

to search for their forgotten decency

Voices must join to form

an undeniable chorus

that drowns out the gatekeepers’ ability

to deny

the decency

we all deserve

by Christina Lynn Lambert

This poem is dedicated to everyone who must fight for reasonable accommodations and for equity. For everyone who steps in and tries to make schools, workplaces, public spaces, and life in general better and safer for all.

Listed below are a few resources that may help in the search to make life better and more accessible for everyone:

CDC – Disability and Health Inclusion Strategies:

National Council on Disability:

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