New Release – The Blood Watch by Andrea Pryde #NewRelease #Books #FantasyBooks #FantasyRomance

With bloodthirsty shadows on your tracks, will you fight? Or will you run?


I’ve always stretched my time to the last minute. A job here, another there, doctor appointments, shopping, cleaning, cooking… Gosh, I sound like a single mother with four kids, but I am only 19, and the sole person in my care is my couple-of-minutes-younger brother. My dying brother. By what twist of fate I became the Keeper of a cursed Watch is still beyond my understanding, but it might prove useful, if it doesn’t kill me first.


I had one mission, and failed it like a moron – take the Watch from point A to point B without getting in trouble. Fair to say trouble found me, and it has the face of a woman with dark hair and lonely eyes. Now, like it or not, we are stuck with each other and my main priority is her safety. But the Fates have a twisted sense of humour, and my presence in her life might do more harm than good. It might kill us all…