Garbage Patch #haiku #poem #poetry #nature

Garbage Patch

Island entity

moves through the sea and strangles

food it can’t consume

Water is life, as Audrey Hepburn says, and truly, water is life for all of humanity because we all need clean water to drink, to wash, to cook and to clean – basically, we need water for everything. Without clean water, things break down, people get sick, plants die, and fires rage out of control. The creatures who live in the ocean and other bodies of water deserve their waterways to be free of negative human interference like the tons of garbage being dumped wherever politicians please, oil spills, and factory waste and filth that finds its way into the rivers and streams despite the CEOs’ promises that such a thing would never happen.

The giant garbage patches stuck together in their own slime, moving through the ocean and smothering the creatures unlucky enough to encounter them are such a perfect metaphor for the greed and foolishness of ruling bodies of society discarding trash and polluting waterways simply because it’s cheap and easy and nobody can stop them. Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it’s ethical. When the damage grows to epic proportions, the harm is not reversible, and everyone suffers.