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Creating the magic of a story with a world a reader can get lost in takes time and imagination. I love the challenge of writing poetry and steamy paranormal romance novels. I love to create characters and worlds out of nothing but a faint idea in my head. Discussing my own life and experiences presents a different kind of challenge because writing about myself requires my vulnerability and my willingness to step back to see what is and how it came to be.  

I’m thrilled to have a poem (Wherever She Pleases) and an essay (The Hat in the Rabbit) in the Moms Who Write anthology, The History of Us: The Stories of the Women who Made Us. My grandmother Marie, with her cowboy hats, her bold personality, and her refusal to be pushed into a mold of submissive obedience, was a big influence on me when I was growing up. I wrote about how she inspired and shaped the lives of the people around her.

The History of Us: The Stories of the Women Who Made Us – BLURB:

How much of us is born into our DNA and how much of it is a result of the people who raised us?
Our values and priorities and prejudices and passions are all influenced by people around us. The people who hurt us or built us up. The people who introduced us to new ideas or challenged long-held beliefs.
They all matter, and they all change us.
When we take the time to tell our stories, we acknowledge their influence on our lives. It can be healing and provide perspective on things that we haven’t fully processed. Introspection and self-awareness are important. Learning about yourself is a gift.
Most of the time, though, stories are how we connect with other people. They are how we teach each other and relate and grow. By sharing stories, you give other people the gift of your insight. You are giving people important reminders and hope. You are empowering them through your words.

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I write steamy paranormal romance novels as well as poetry. My romance novels feature imperfect but determined characters who fight like hell for a happily ever after. My poems are often about the havoc caused by greed, as well as the pain and joy of love, fighting to make changes in a messed-up world, and finding the good moments in life. I live in beautiful Virginia with my husband, two kids, a sweet, hairy monster of a dog, and two devious cats.

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