New Release – Crystal Clear Truth by Kayelle Allen #SlowBurn #NewRelease #Romance #SciFi

How can you trust when your own truth is a lie? In Crystal Clear Truth – a female bodyguard uncovers secrets meant to be forgotten.


Shohn has only one goal: live a lie-filled life undercover. The elite head of security permits herself no family ties and few friends. But when firestorm scientist Joe needs help to locate his birth mother, and hires Shohn, she begins to rethink her rule of isolation.

Unknown to them, their intensive search triggers an alert that brings powerful, dark forces into play. Every attempt to uncover the truth results in more cover ups. But why? Who is this young woman, and who is the unknown person or power foiling Shohn and Joe’s attempts to find her?

But maybe the better question is–what is she?

*Crystal Clear Truth – A slow-burn, forced proximity scifi alien romance set in the far future, in an empire full of treachery and secrets…

*If you like books with take-charge feline heroines and solid romance plots, this happy-ever-after friends-to-lovers story is for you.

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