New release – The Order of Us (A Mom’s Who Write anthology) #women #moms #anthology #newrelease #poetry #essays

I’m so excited to have a couple of my poems and an essay featured in the anthology The Order of Us. The essays, poetry, and other work in this anthology show the vulnerability and the strength of women as they deal with loss, celebrate life, and embrace who they are.   

As a writer, I try to create stories with worlds a reader can get lost in for a while. The effort to paint the picture using words is sometimes slow and painful, other times, my mind moves so much faster than I can type, and the result is a mess that I have to reassemble. Painstakingly. When I write romance novels, I love to create imperfect characters who are kind and strong, and courageous enough to take a chance at a happily ever after. When I write poetry, I usually like to show the struggle, followed by some measure of hope, because what is life without hope?

As a woman, there are often struggles in our lives due to society’s expectation of us. Coming to terms with who we are versus what unrealistic expectations have been set forth for us is no easy journey. Life is messy. Sometimes I stumble on the tightrope. We all do.


Natural order is imperative for existence. Without it our world falls apart — we need leadership and food chains and circadian rhythms the way we need air. But what happens when we adopt an order that ISN’T natural? At some point, there will be a breakdown, and we will realize that there is a lot more to life than what we know. The boxes we put ourselves in suddenly feel too small, and the Order of Things feels a lot more negotiable. We fall apart, and eventually we put ourselves back together. This is when we reclaim our beauty and our chaos. When we restore The Order of Us.

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