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The Dogs Are Waiting

Before the first morning bell cues

the beginning of the rigid routine

The dogs wait at the doors

for the signal

to stalk the halls

Their gun stroking handlers

scan the crowd

looking to borrow trouble

Executives of conformity spin rules

into a constantly widening web

collecting casualties of policies

while bowing to a structure

that only serves itself

Being caught inside the unforgiving mechanics of a bureaucracy, whether it’s a job or some other public institution originally intended to help people (or designed to give the false impression of being helpful) means a constant battle to avoid being ensnared in a trap of unnecessary, potentially harmful rules. Progress is slow. Change, when it arrives, is often inadequate and lacking in equality. So many systems protect themselves instead of the people they were supposed to help.

The dogs are always waiting. Surviving the confines of a bureaucracy means a never-ending struggle to not be trapped and turned into a casualty of policy. Question everything and sow the seeds of disruption and change.