Bureaucrat Zombies – #poem #poetry #bureaucracy

Bureaucrat Zombies

Open the windows

but only if it’s too cold


but only after it’s too late

Worship the procedures manual

Hide the decay

Pound the outliers into shape

or leave them behind

The system

The system

The zombie bureaucrats chant about the greater good

to drown out dissent

to smother the truth

With every step, the bloodless heartless horde

bulldozes its way into irrelevance

by Christina Lynn Lambert

Having many pointless, rigid rules within a bureaucracy can cause the bureaucracy to become ineffective. The larger a system becomes, the more inundated with rules it becomes until soon, if its administrators aren’t careful, that system begins to put forth most of its effort to simply keep itself existing. The people the system serves are treated as faceless numbers to manipulate. Rigidity causes fractures within the system until it either breaks or breaks the people it serves.