Truth in the Valley of Nothing – a poem about the power of realization and determination

Truth in the Valley of Nothing

Truth is a brick

its weight threatens

to smash the frosted glass bubble

of the cowards who reign

over their monochromatic kingdom

Those cowards never looked back to see

the blood soaking the ground

when they stomped the opposition

They were satisfied with the bowing they saw before them

But behind their backs

the blood ran together and cracked the glass

providing an escape

into the deep, dark unknown

The valley of truth

might look like a desert

with all life and hope

burned into sand and ash

but in the distance

everything grows

Life springs from seeds left

by those who stumbled and kept walking

through the same valley

long before

because they saw nothing

and couldn’t leave nothing behind

Keep walking

and always leave light and life

when you can spare them

because someone is alone

stumbling in the dark

not far behind

by Christina Lynn Lambert


For everyone out there trying to survive and trying to thrive in the face of difficulty, keep walking, keep moving. You may be the inspiration someone needs to make it to the next day or hour or minute.