New Year- Straight Into the Unknown


New year, brand new you or same sh*t different day? When the clock strikes midnight and a new year and a new decade begins, no fairy godmother will arrive to wipe away past mistakes. No glitter explosion of magic dissolves old baggage or crappy circumstances. Still, every new day has new possibilities. A journey into a new year takes us straight into the unknown.

Every now and then, in a moment of relative stillness, I remember that even though there are a lot of horrible people in the world and that humanity is hanging by a thread in constant threat of being severed, there are still some decent people out there, still some people I love, and still a few adventures to be had.

There will always be circumstances to overcome, battles ahead, wounds to heal, but for a moment, let’s celebrate-

To all the circumstances we’ve overcome

To all the bad decisions we’ve learned from and the good decisions we’ve benefitted from

And to a brand new year of new adventures, hope, and change.

I hope everyone’s 2020 is bright and full of love and possibilities!