Salt for Sweetness


It’s summer! The sun’s shining and my snow boots and coat have been hidden away in the attic where they belong. The frost is gone. The yellow pollen clouds of misery have eased. Now everything is alive and bright. It’s beach weather, camping weather, not shivering and driving my little car in the ice kind of weather. Summer is my favorite time of year but I don’t have any verses of saccharine prose to offer. I won’t wax poetical about gentle spring flowers finding strength to endure summer or whatever. I would rather eat glass. So here’s a little salt instead of sticky sweetness.

Salt for Sweetness

Life surrounds joy with darkness

Sometimes the good is just a drop of rain in a barrel of fire

and the fire rises

The heat finds me in the shade

as I sit across from eyes that don’t want to see

anything but the good in everything

I’ll take salt over artificial sweetness

The truth brings out the flavor in the fire

by Christina Lynn Lambert