Below the Surface

He is Winter 

Moods like the seasons

play through my living room

Words like snow

soft but cold

change to sleet

as his heart and mind have closed

to keep out the heat

for his solitary winter

by Christina Lynn Lambert


Funny how sometimes the people who seem the coldest burn the brightest below the surface and how the quietest people often have the most to say, just not until they’re ready.

Aiden, the bear-shifter hero in the Halloween-themed paranormal romance novella I’m working on, fits this poem so well. While he appears cold and indifferent to Evie’s flirting, he’s fallen crazy hard for her. Evie would never want him if she knew the truth about him, but if she doesn’t stop pushing his buttons, Aiden may lose his mind and all sense of reason. Aiden and Evie’s story- coming fall of 2019!