Fear and Fun: Happy Halloween

Autumn is here and with the falling leaves and the cold weather comes one of my favorite holidays- Halloween. I love all the candy (except candy corn) and the costumes. But also, I love the celebration of the macabre things that our imaginations can create, as well as the idea that we can choose to celebrate the things we’ve left behind and the things that scare us, knowing we have the ultimate power over fear.

No Fault in Fire

No fault in fire

but leave Hell and dead things behind

No fault in fire

but heed the voice that whispers,

“follow the river out. Keep running.”

Dusk turns to dawn

The brutal brilliant colors of sunrise

don’t hesitate

The birds’ subtle song

overrules the relative quiet

Embers of guilt and fear

reach out in the breeze

then starve

with nothing but smoke

and an ever fading memory

to feed them

by Christina Lynn Lambert