New Year, New Chances

Whether you’ve got big resolutions planned or simply want to be a better version of your past self, even if you just want to see what the future brings, I want to wish everyone renewed hope and much success for 2018!

2017 taught me a few life lessons, some of which were sucky and disappointing, others quite the opposite. I learned that perseverance takes a bit of soul searching and can require energy that’s sometimes borrowed and sometimes steals sleep and peace to achieve. I’d like to think the sun can set on all the failures, mistakes, hurts, and angers of the past year. Maybe the symbolic new year can take the edge off the hard things we faced and bring us new, joyous reasons to celebrate.

The song Carry On by Fun says it best, “May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground”. And may the good memories be the momentum that keeps you moving forward into the new year. IMG_1685