Spicy excerpt from Wolf’s Challenge to heat things up

To spice things up for the day, here’s a hot, steamy (inappropriate and R rated) short excerpt of Wolf’s Challenge. Enjoy;)
CAREFUL. TAKE A step back. Warning lights lit up in Sydney’s head. She shouldn’t have teased him. Derrick looked ready to pounce on her. He had a really nice body, and so she’d sneaked a few more glances of him shirtless, enjoying the sight of his smooth chest and broad shoulders, and then she had looked down… Sydney’s interest did not seem to be one-sided. His running shorts barely hid the problem. How could they? From what she saw, the man looked like he was swinging a pretty big hammer. She was stealing glances because, wow, and he had looked right at her at one point. Like his hard-on was her fault, though he had never said a word about it. Seeing Derrick half naked and hard drove Sydney a little crazy. She tried so hard not to keep looking. She really did.
A for effort?
Copyright © Christina Lynn Lambert

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